Speaking of friends…

I know I just posted something, but I’ve got another subject to address on friendship.

Because of my last relationship, I lost pretty much all my male relationships. It was a combo of lack of trust, white lies and controlling – NOT a good combo! Anyway, I’ve been very open to having more male friends because sometimes you need that perspective in life. One new-ish friend that I’ve gotten quite close to recently, became someone a little more than friends, then now back to friends.

Confusing… Tell me about it!

 Image result for confusing emoji

Anyway sha, we are both trying to keep it friendly, but occasionally the topic of more than friends comes up, most times in banter, but still on a serious level.

I really enjoy my friends presence, he’s a great person, but is it weird? Is it possible? To be friends even though we’d cross that line? I want to be in his life and he mine, but then lets say I find the Love of my life, and we’re extremely serious.. talking marriage etc. I’ll want him to know all my past and me know his. But that will include this friend. I wouldn’t want my Husband-to-be to feel uncomfortable, so I’ll have to cut him off, no?

But see my thing is, am I thinking like this because my Ex Image result for rolling eyes emoji put me through so much shit that this is just how I think? I would obviously respect my husband’s choice, but is that thought completely mad? I didn’t get into a relationship with this friend, just crossed a line and then realised it wouldn’t work…. Doesn’t mean the feelings stopped..

I guess because I’m still in it, I feel this way… Lets see what the Lord brings me and how He’ll switch it up.


Until next time… Image result for peace emoji


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