The next generation

There’s still hope!

So I went a little out of London this weekend to visit some family. Spent some time with my “cousin” who’s 11 years old and going to secondary school this September.

After playing around for a bit, we sat and talked. I found out some surprising things that the kids are doing these days. I hear on the news that the primary school kids are on social media, they’re depressed and stressed about the opposite sex etc etc. But I never believed it/thought it was really exaggerated. Until last night… she noticed I was using snapchat filters and said to me “oh, is that snapchat?”…. I obviously said “yeah! You know about Snapchat?” Image result for curious emoji

She went on to explain how she knows about it, how one girl in her class cheated on her boyfriend with this other boy that was cheating on his girlfriend.. that something happened on snapchat and then there were arguments in school…

Image result for curious emojiImage result for curious emojiImage result for curious emoji

I KNOW!!!! I’m just as surprised as you! I’m thinking is this was the kids, literal KIDS of nowadays are doing. What the actual fuck is going on here? Is this an outside of London thing? Is this just the surface, is it worse in London? Are these kids having sex? *cries into hands*

I needed to know that my cousin was not mixed up with this drama, and she said she wasn’t and I believe her because she is very smart! Which leads me to my next point….

Although there is fear for the next generation, there is also HOPE. When I was speaking to her, she was very very intelligent. She telling me about her secondary school applications and interviews – which she’s not nervous for, may I add. She was telling me about the different sports she plays but she’s really good at Netball and 100m dash. She went on to show me her maths homework… her maths homework is the type of work I did when I was in Year 10 FOR BUSINESS STUDIES!!! She was showing me her budget for her homework task, the profit and loss sheet and the cash flow forecast. I really couldn’t believe my eyes.

She is a well rounded, bright, beautiful young girl and I cannot wait to see her flourish and become the young woman she has the potential to be. May I add she was showing me some coding! There’s nothing she doesn’t enjoy!!!

Anyway, I wanted to get that off my chest. I’m proud of her and wish her and any other young girls with ambition to stay focused. It’s the Black Girl Magic! xoxo

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