Mo Money, Shitty Problems

So the last few days (weeks really) I’ve been trying to re-do my budget so I can spend my money wisely… As you do.

But I’ve found myself getting frustrated a lot because I’m constantly over how much I make. Finally, I finished! Set up standing orders/direct debits and created another account to help control my spending. With all that, I’m over just by like £1.50. Which is good, I’ve factored in my social life too lol!

I’m still upset that I’m still on a tightrope. I tell myself, don’t get stressed, the Lord will provide, he works in mysterious ways. Which I believe with all my heart. Not because I’m fearful of being broke and not being able to make ends meet but because I don’t know when or how the Lord will push through. It’s ridiculous I know. I’m super organised and a major planner so I’d like to know when things happen.

To be honest, while typing this, I think that is something I need to pray for. Taking that not knowing when/how element away because I need to put it in that pot of faith and let go, let God.

Feel a little better now. There’s a scripture thing I saw once on Social Media but I couldn’t find it. It basically said all the different scriptures for different life situations. So I was hoping to find it and post it but no luck. Although, what stuck in my mind was one of my fave verses.

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the Lord your God and do not lean on your own understanding.


Pray on that! 


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