Praises to the Most High

Ya’lllllllllll!!!! Can I praise God for a minute????

Today, I got a call with great news! But not news for me, news for someone I loved dearly. And I had prayed about it, pray that the Lord does his thing basically!

To be honest, I couldn’t have been more happier when I got the news! This was literally my response..

“Ayeeeee!!! Dazzz itttt!! Congratulations! That’s my best friendImage result for tongue emoji I give God all the PRAISE! He answered my prayer!”

Not exactly word for word but pretty damn close. Can I just say, that my best friend deserved this and I can only thank GOD for his blessings. I know it’s her testimony but I sure feel like its mine too, just seeing God work in someone that is dear to my life.

Afterwards, I went to the gym and sang praises along with my iPad! It was a good moment!

Nearly dropped off the treadmill tho

Image result for laughing emoji


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