Confronting the past

I saw this clip on Twitter about this couple (couple no more) confronting each other about the demise of their relationship. He cheated on her multiple times… Actually let me see if I can add the clip in…

Did you watch? I don’t normally like watching things more than 1min (yes – attention span of a millennial)

Well from that, I was just trying to put myself in her shoes. How would I have reacted, and I have to applaud her because my  reaction, honestly, wouldn’t have been calm. But that could be because she forgave him – idk. Anyway, I admired her reaction.

However, if it was me, sitting that close to my ex, I would probably punch him in the face just to get started. It wouldn’t even be because of why he broke up, but the pisstake that happened afterwards. I never really cried for long after the break-up. After maybe a week and a half (consistently) I pulled myself together and carried on with my life. I looked back but not to cry. And that was that – in terms of the upset. I got over it very quickly. Surprisingly quickly considering we were together for years. He was my best friend, my partner in crime.. I’d ending soooo many friendships for the relationship (another topic for another day).

My question to life is, have a really moved on from it all? I didn’t get the closure I really needed. I forced it tbh. We didn’t end on good terms & whenever he messages me, I’m hostile or I’ve ignored him. I feel like because I never really CRRRIIIIEEEEEDDDDDDDD, I’m still tied to that part of my life. I’ve prayed about it, tried to talk about it with close ones but feel like it happened almost two years ago, I should be over it completely by now.

So am I not?

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