You know when you just think of the most random shit in the shower.

Little like this…Image result for shower thinking meme

Well I thought about this one. Nagging. Can’t tell you how I got here. But I did. Anyway, if you Google the term “nagging” you get;

(of a person) constantly harassing someone to do something.

Guys often complain that their girlfriends/wives nag a lot, always nagging about do this, do that. But I actually proper proper deeped it – in my shower moment lol – we as females, don’t usually nag, like the majority of us don’t. Why do you say this PlainJane? I’ll tell ya. WE HAVE TO REPEAT OURSELVES A MILLION TIMES BEFORE YOU DUDES HEAR SHIT! I mean honestly, a “nagging” girlfriend is “nagging” because she’s probably trying telling you something that you just cannot get through your waxed-up ears.

Do you know how many times I’ve heard women say, ‘he doesn’t listen to me’, ‘he never hears what I’m saying’ or my fave, ‘I’ve told him like 100 times and still nothing!’ Well my dear, they hear it, most times or not, they choose to not act on what you’ve said and then as soon as you say it 101 times… ‘OMG WOULD YOU STOP NAGGING ME!’ Image result for side eye emojiReally! Like for real. If you heard the first time and acted on it, you think we’d have to repeat ourselves? Advice I’m giving to myself, the first time a guy tells me I’m nagging him about something. I’ll be singing Bye Felicia! Talkn about I’m nagging. Nigga if I’m nagging you, you can be single. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself this but I can’t, I can only learn from it. It’ll be a deal breaker for sure. I know the difference between not being heard and moaning …. I’d advise everyone do so too.


Side note; if you google ‘nagging’ in images, its always the woman “nagging” the man… Tut tut


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