Sex on the first date

This is one of many popular topics of discussion among the young adult community. I for one do not agree with it but I do not judge those that do it – at least I try not to!  As for me, I’m celibate so, sex on the 10th date is off the table, let alone the 1st. But I know it happens.

I thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject.

I believe that when you date someone, you could possibly see (or want to see) if there could be something long term there. This is talking mid-twenties (23-27) and above. Sex, to me, is deep, intimate and full of pleasure and so it should be shared with one person you are serious about. It should thought through and carefully considered who its with. Sleeping with someone as soon as you meet them or on the first date could open up a can or worms for a woman. I’m not just talking emotionally or spiritually, I’m talking PHYSICALLY AND LITERALLY. There is a high chance that you could catch an STI, God forbid it be a life long infection but there is that. Or, because of that one decision you made on the first night, you have now fallen pregnant, unexpectedly. That now throws out all your future career plans, financial plans and plans on who you actually might want to spend the rest of your life with. But let’s not forget the toll on your body it’ll take. Because babies, literally suck the life out of you. Everything you have, you give to a growing baby! However, let’s say you decided to abort the baby, that could risk the chance you having a child in the future or have a toll on your mentality.

As a woman, do you want to take any of those chances?

Now, the flip side, I also do understand why some people do it. That first date, there was so much chemistry or sexual tension that you just need to rip off each other’s clothes and fuck. I get it. I won’t lie, I get heated sometimes. So I get it, I just don’t agree with it.

What I tell people that ask, if you do decide to do it, please, just be safe. I’m not going to Bible bash and judge you, it’s your life. I’ll respect your life choices as long as you respect mine.


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