I haven’t blogged in a hot minute. It’s been manic and not manic at the same time. I’ve been tired and wide awake at the same time but I’ve also been on a journey regarding my faith.

Anyway, I’m in a mood right now. Just feel really irritable.

Aspects of work is pissing me off.  My mum is being annoying (not really but cos I’m in a mood its annoying) my dad is being a baby -nothing new and my fucking assignment is the major mother fucker of my life.

I just need to get it off my chest to be honest.


I can’t understand why people can’t take instruction. I’m not a manager but I have “managerial” type responsibilities to an extent. I need to manage my colleague’s caseloads and we’re two staff short so I have double the work. Tell me why mf’s can’t take me fucking seriously. We have a deadline in two weeks and farrrrrrr from close to reaching our target.

Thankfully my manager understands..


They’re just being parents. I can’t even be mad tbh. Just need to move out.


The fuck bags are pissing about. I have a deadline in two weeks as well and people won’t give me a date to submit a draft. They want me to pay but won’t give me a submission date. I’ve paid a LOT of flipping money for this course yet you don’t wana look at my work. Am I a dickhead. I’m going to write a very detailed email outline how shit they are, how they sold me dreams and how much I’m disappointed in it all.

*sigh* I have my peppermint tea now, I’m going to see if I can actually do the assignment now 😦



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