The joys of being young

So it has become a regular occurrence that I spend my Sunday’s in the West End. My church is in the West End and I serve and in between me serving and me actually attending there’s a gap.

This weekend, was the first true taste of summer. It was a beautiful weekend. And when the sun’s out in London, I tell you, everyone is on good vibes. With this being said, I had my regular shmegular Sunday at church. But because the weather was extra nice, the West End was EXTRA ram. What I noticed was that there was a LOT of youth, like secondary school kids, probably Year 10 and 11, possibly some college kids. But either way, there was plentyyy of them. As my friends and I are walking down Oxford Street after the final service, so around 8pm. We notice the amount of kids that are still on the Barclays Bikes (yes – I know Santander are currently sponsoring them). We noticed how ram McDonalds suddenly became and just how much the black boys and girls (with your odd arab or latino) were about.

Obviously we first thought that these kids should be at home by now, its getting late. But then I realised and said, that schools out, the weather was more than buff and they probably just having some harmless fun. I could tell that the older older people that were about were thinking, ‘gosh, these black kids of today are just hooligans’ but to be honest, no they’re not. They are young black kids having innocent fun. Yes they should be careful because they’re cycling mad on the road but the road wasn’t so busy. I’m sure they spent most of their day in Hyde Park and now that the roads are clearing and Hyde Park is getting dark, its time to eat!

I saw the girls, some of which I know they changed clothes when they left home, cos I know they mama ain’t letting em dress like that but the majority was innocent. It was really beautiful to see. It honestly reminded me of my youth.

I remember when the sun unexpectedly came out during the weekend, I’d call up my squad and see who’s on linking up at Hyde Park or Marble Arch KFC/McDonalds. It was just the go-to spot at that age. And good to see it still is. I said, I prefer these kids out in their big groups enjoying themselves than be posted up on the block, ready to shank someone.

So, if any of them kids happen to come across this post, or a parent or older relative does & you’re worried or annoyed about this. If you did a decent enough job and if you know abit about the crowd that kid hangs around, its all innocent fun.

Bare in mind this was just an observation. I didn’t see any boys moving fast to these girls and didn’t see any of the girls hoeing themselves out. Which is why I wanted to write about it. It was nice to see. And I hope and pray that it was all positivity that I witnessed.

Spread love, have hope and keep peace boo!


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