June is my favourite month… but I’m not ready 

There is literally so much happening in such a small amount of time. I can cope but I can’t. Like I just need time to organise my self but because I don’t get 24 hours of nothing, I can’t prepare properly and it’s driving me mad. 

I just want everything to go smoothly without spending more than my budget and not forgetting anything.  But deadlines and time contraints aren’t letting me do what I do best. 

Plus I’m just getting paronid about bringing my dreams to life. It’s a lot of work and I want to dedicate all my time to it. But I can’t, I’ve got to work. I want to save money for it but I want to travel. So then i want to get a Saturday job but I’m tried all the time plus it’ll cut into the limited free time I do have! 

Probably thinking this time I have now, typing this, I could do something. But I promise this is taking me 10mins. 

Anyway, then there’s money. I’m trusting that God will be in control, and I know he is, I just need to be organised with the money I do have and know is coming every month and anything extra, he will make happen. 

… Scandal is on and my dinner is ready.


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